Bio Apartment Vol.3- succession



Succession is the evolution of communities over time.
In the process, species composition changes from simple to complex. Original pioneer species are gradually replaced by other species, one stage after another, until the community reaches a stable and mature climax.  
Succession is a common natural phenomenon. For example a piece of barren land may have lichens and bryophytes move in first, then herbaceous plants start to grow, then replaced by shrub plants, eventually broad-leaf trees may become the most dominant plants. This process of changes from barren to rich vegetation is an example of succession.  
In the process of succession, there may be some external factors, e.g. climate change, volcanic eruptions and other natural disturbance, or logging, farming, habitat destruction and other human factors, which may change the direction of succession.
Succession causes constant changes in the biodiversity of a region. If this concept is extended to cultural aspects, with the passage of time and the constant changes in the environment, human life may also undergo "succession" without notice.   
Following up on "Bio Apartment I & II", this exhibition intend to evoke dialogue between scientists and artists, so as to explore multiple facets by which the artworks can inspire audience to appreciate the preciousness of diversity.
The process of succession varies depending on characteristics such as time, the dominant factor, nature of matrix, and changes in community composition. For example, a complex plant community may be developed within a few years from the first tiny seed in the soil and, if lasted for hundreds of years, this plant community may develop to an old growth forest. From a cultural perspective, seeds of dialogue sown by “Bio Apartment” in 2014 have opened a window for interdisciplinary dialogue ever since in an attempt to find an alternative way to foster cultural care on diversity.
Try to think of it, when the seeds mixing the concepts of art and science are sown in the city so as one can encounter both art and science at different space of our daily life, how long will the succession take place before it finally awake the memory of and action upon “diversity”by the urban community?


Venue:Nanmen Park